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Where to study

Alberta, British Columbia, Canada Lands

Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario

Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan

Learn about the different types of surveying

From the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors – Career brochure 
From Ryerson University – Geomatics brochure 
From Australia – The Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW–Types of surveying, videos too

Take a look at some online surveying journals

Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors – The Link
Saskatchewan Land Surveyors’ Association – Corner Post, xyHt, USA

Learn more from our professionals

In Alberta – Alberta Land Surveyor’s Association
In British Columbia – Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors
In Canada Lands* – Association of Canada Lands Surveyors
In Manitoba – Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors
In New Brunswick – Association of New Brunswick Land Surveyors
In Newfoundland – Association of Newfoundland Land Surveyors
In Nova Scotia – Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors
In Ontario – Association of Ontario Land Surveyors
In Prince Edward Island – Association of Prince Edward Island Land Surveyors
In Québec – Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec
In Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan Land Surveyors’ Association

*Canada Lands include the three Canadian territories, in the Federal parks, on Aboriginal reserves, on and under the surface of Canada’s oceans.

See what Canadians are doing

Natural Resources Canada – Cadastral Data
Natural Resources Canada – Geomatics
Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI)

Read about other surveyors and how they got there

Graduate Career Profiles – Career Spotlight: What I Do as a Land Surveyor
University of Calgary, Department of Geomatics Engineering
Interviews with students – Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors, The BC Land Surveyor E-newsletter, Spring 2008 issue
Betty Baxter – from Become a Surveyor, U.K.
Hear from Women in the biz (pdf)

See what surveyors in other countries are doing

Australia – The Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW – What is a surveyor? Videos too
Missouri, USA – Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors – video